Zimon Zayz goal is to improve your online presence, sales and funding while increasing your annual revenue with our massive marketing takeover presenting "First Movers Advantage," Marketing.

​Crowd Funding radio.

​Cost Effective App Development. Internet Radio crowd funding. 

Picture having your Nonprofit taking funds around the clock, we offer just that, your very own internet  radio station broadcasting 24/7 365 Pledge drive, membership & fund Drive online in your App on your website & on 


Did you not meet your capital amount on your last #Crowdfunding program? We will build you an App plus a web radio for your Crowdfunding campaign, we promise to reach your goal in half the time, more info on resume page...

Techniques include: Web radio infomercial broadcasting, iOS & Android App development, Website & Social Network developer and Search Engine Optimizer.

You may ask yourself, "why an App?" Ten years ago you were asking "why a website," now you don't ask that anymore.

App are becoming more ubiquitous than websites and are used more than websites and you always hear about Apps getting millions of downloads, plus Apps sits in your consumers face daily when they go to use their phone or tablet.

Web radio demographics show that those who use online radio spend more money, make more money, have a college degree, own their home and have children, you can't find a better market unless you're advertising in Forbes.com. Our online radio paints the picture for your audience using words, as they visit your site, App or find you on the largest web radio yellow page directory, they will have a  chance to tune into your private station broadcasting 24/7 around the globe your products & services for only $50 a year to transmit your content.

We are "First Mover Advantage," Marketing who will reach your funding or sales goal via intern radio & iOS Apps.

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